I am a student filmmaker and graphic designer in Central Indiana. I have always been curious about making films, enjoying using clips from movies and TV shows to create trailers. I discovered my passion for filmmaking (notably editing and cinematography) when attending the Chicago Filmmakers Camp. Also, I have always wanted to be on the newspaper staff at school; my interest in graphic design developed as I was taking a Visual Journalism class as a prerequisite to be on staff. I am now a graphic designer, photographer, and reporter for an award-winning student newspaper.

My films tackle real-world problems (such as gun violence or mental health disorders) through fictional stories. Similarly, I like to create affirming graphics that support equality and optimism. As I continue to design and create films, I hope to learn the most effective and original ways to impart meaningful messages to my audiences. Someday, I would like to be an acclaimed film editor and cinematographer. I want to bring more attention to those who make films - those who are not as notably famous as actors and/or directors, and would like to convince more women to join the filmmaking industry behind-the-scenes. While I am making films, I aspire to continue to improve my graphics and do freelance work in that area .

I am open to collaboration with screenwriters, composers, actors, and other filmmakers, and would love to work on graphic design projects for others. Creativity is an ongoing process, and I am still learning and improving; I welcome others' expertise and experience to help me grow professionally.

I hope my work inspires you to view the world through a different lens, and see the other side of the story.


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